Keeping your gay dating profile up-to-date

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Keeping your gay dating profile up-to-date

Imagine how disappointed you’d be to turn up on your gay date to find that the man you’re meeting does not look like his pictures or how he described himself on his profile. Remember this disappointment when you take a good look at your own gay dating profile.

1. Do you have the most up-to-date picture? It doesn’t need to to be a professional photo shoot, but it does need to be a relatively up-to-date picture.

2. Don’t lie on your gay dating profile. If you aren’t a cat person – don’t say it on your profile just because everyone else is saying it.

3. Remember to keep your profile up-to-date. Not only do you need to think about having an up-to-date picture, but keep your hobbies/interests/likes/etc. up-to-date.

Remember, put yourself in your potential boyfriends shoes and make sure you’re projecting the real you on your online gay dating profile.